Organic Foods – The Healthier Route

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Going organic is a tagline we often hear nowadays. This is for a good reason. More and more people realize the vast benefits that one can get from supporting the organic production of food. Many studies have found that the use of too many chemicals in everyday food can lead to some health problems.The residues enter the body and become toxins that are hazardous to the individual. They disrupt the natural body processes, and the body is forced to expend additional energy to deal with the increased toxicity. Most of these toxins are also carcinogenic

If you still have not made up your mind if this is a route you would actually want to partake in, here are some of the top benefits of organic food that may convince you to jump on the bandwagon.

Organic Food can Contribute Positively to One’s Health

Foods are not prepared with the use of chemicals, pesticides and inorganic fertilizers. Therefore, these kinds of food do not have traces of strong chemicals that can have adverse effects on the health of a person.

Cancer is just one of the many health risks that have been linked to pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Organic farming, on the other hand, utilizes natural way of raising crops with the use of natural fertilizers. It is safe to assume that organically produced foods reduce numerous health risks.
Aside from that, many nutrients are found in higher levels in organic foods. For example, chromium, which is deficient in most Western diets, is found to be 78 percent higher in organic foods than in foods that have been produced otherwise.

Selenium, a popular antioxidant that protects the body from environmental chemicals, cancers and heart diseases, has been found to be almost 400 percent higher in organic foods. Calcium, lithium, magnesium, and boron are other types of nutrients and minerals that are also found higher in foods that have been produced organically.

Food tastes better

Many people believe that the more nutritious food is, the blander it would taste. This is not the case with organic food. People who have tried this type of diet can attest that organic food tastes better than those that are not. This makes sense since a well-balanced soil can raise up healthy plants that can be delectable and tasty.

Food is Pro-Environment Safety

Harmful chemicals that contribute to air and water pollution are not utilized in organic farming and food production. If we support organic food production, we are also supporting the welfare of the environment, and we can fight against pollutants such as chemical and nitrogen leaching and conserve natural resources.

Food is Pro-Animal Welfare

Animal welfare should be taken into consideration during the production of foods such as meat, poultry, fish, milk and dairy products. Organic animal products come from animals that are treated fairly and properly, and you can be happy to think that these animals are not miserably caged like those that produce foods the non-organic way.


Organic food is truly the healthier route. Ask anyone who has tried this kind of diet and you would hardly hear someone complain about this kind of food. Regarding health, environmental welfare, cost, taste, and food safety, organically produced foods are better than conventional foods.

Importance Of Farmers For Sustainable Food Production


It is typically assumed that “big is best” owing to the money savings that may be made up of economies of scale, and this has been one amongst the drivers of the trend to large-scale farming.

There is, however, a growing body of opinion that the reverse is true which food security, diversity and property agriculture is also higher achieved by supporting the world’s tiny and family farmers.

According to the United States political campaign organization, large-scale agriculture tends to concentrate on mono-cultures as a result of they’re the only to manage with significant machinery.

World’s Foresight Project and each argue that small-scale farming is probably going to be additional numerous, additional versatile and additional environmentally friendly.

It is most likely no coincidence that large-scale operations are brought up as the factory farm, with all this means regarding the importance regarding creating a profit for shareholders and additionally growing what’s possible to provide the very best returns, like the present shift in agriculture to manufacturing biofuels.

The farming periodical Farmers Weekly recently revealed a piece of writing contention that large-scale agriculture drew a threat to tiny farmers who are already troubled to form a living. Sodbuster and family farming is that the dominant variety of food production throughout the main developing regions of the globe, significant globally. It’s additionally widespread throughout the developed world.

According to the foremost recent International Bank for Reconstruction and Development report, additional and additional folks are being pushed into extreme impoverishment by rising food costs. It same that food costs had up by one year since Apr 2010 and foreseen that up to 10 million additional folks may fall below the acute impoverishment threshold of but 76p per day within the next few months. That’s additional to the additional forty-four million folks that are pushed into food impoverishment throughout the last year.

The pressure on farmers to provide additional to fulfill the requirements of a growing world population is so exasperating and it is smart to form the simplest use of all the sources of food production on the earth, massive and tiny.

While tiny farms are possible to plant mixtures of crops, to use techniques like intercropping and to rotate crops and farm animal, with manure serving to refill soil fertility, they’re going to notwithstanding would like some support if they’re to extend their production.

It is within the areas of access to new agricultural technology, like low-chem bio pesticides, bio fungicides, and yield enhancers, and to coaching in their use, wherever tiny farmers may most profit.

We decided to visit a local organic farm in the Houston area by taking a party bus rental out of town.  This was a great way for our whole crew to ride together and collaborate with out having to take multiple vehicles and ride separate.

Such product is derived for the most part from present sources and would work well in the combination of existing property tiny farming ways and techniques to reinforce yield and cut back crop loss from malady and harm.

But they’re big-ticket to analysis, trial and license and thus would like sturdy support from governments, together with maybe money subsidies, if they’re to be cheap for the smaller producers.

Each tiny increase in production will solely facilitate towards making certain that there is adequate food provides for the longer term, however additionally there’s proof that little farms manufacturing for native markets increase native prosperity, food security and promote higher social cohesion.